Awesome At The Top of Mount Kinabalu

July 4, 2006

Sabah presents the traveler with the highest challange in Borneo – Mount Kinabalu, rising majestically into the sky at 4,095.2 m (13,432.26 ft). With its granite massif dominating the surrounding landscape at the peak, ofteh shrouded in mists and clouds, Mount Kinabalu has an awesome mystique all its own. No wonder that, long ago, the Kadazandusun named it “Aki Nabalu” or “home of the spirits of the dead”.

Good thing is, no climbing experience is required to conquer the peak of Borneo, if you take the main route to the summit. Watching sunrise at the top has been described by travelers everywhere as a life-enriching experience.

Kinabalu Pine Resort

Mount Kinabalu is the main attraction in Kinabalu Park, which is less than 2 hours’ drive from Kota Kinabalu. The road cuts and winds through lush countryside dotted with traditional village houses to give you an unforgettable scenic journey. Once in the Park, rejuvenate your body and mind at the Poring Hot Springs, a natural health spa where you can relax in open-air Japanese-style baths amidst a tropical rainforest seting.


One Response to “Awesome At The Top of Mount Kinabalu”

  1. Kian Ann Says:

    Hey there – you are right about trekking the peak of Borneo. I’ve just been there like 2 weeks ago and its awesome! Its a waste I didn’t buy an SLR to bring there! Yikes. Its really a pretty place and I will definitely be going back there again… soon!!

  2. drizad Says:

    I told you! 😉

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