Kota Kinabalu City Map

August 31, 2006

For adventure travelers who is looking for a good map on Kota Kinabalu city, I have made it easy for you to get it – from Google earth. So, you can plan where you want to go and what you are going to do while you wait for the climb of your life.

You can see the map from my official Mount Kinabalu Borneo.com Blog.


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Thanks for Mr Ganesh from Singapore for his excellent photos on Mount Kinabalu – mostly the dark side of it. He went there with his wife a week ago and managed to reach the summit with difficulties – the wheater was quite bad.

Anyway, thank you again for the photos. The 6 photos that he emailed me was at Layang-Layang, where the abandoned project of Mount Kinabalu situated. I will show you one of it here, and you can check out my official website for more pics.

Mount Kinabalu

My heart crushed when I saw this pics…

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