Looking for STARIANS batch 90/94

January 19, 2007

Starian, staroba

It’s going to be STAR’s Golden Jubilee this year. I wonder what happened to my friends after about 15 years since we start to take our different path in life. After browsing the internet for “staroba, starian, and star ipoh”, I was really dissappointed on Google’s and Yahoo result. Not because they are not good, but it seems that none of us care to make our batch present on the net. I found few familiar names from the “Liga Alumni Malaysia”, but that was also very limited. Could not get the email or even the latest photo from 2006’s tournament.

At last, I found Asroll’s very old free web page by lycos. It’s just have list of our names, but I think that was a good start. His email has also obsolete.

I think, I can rejuvenate what he did by honoring our names in a new fresh page. Check out your names on the related page from the nevigation bar above.

By doing this, I hope STARIANs batch 90/94 can gather around and tighten the family ties that has lost all these years.

I can still remember Suswan did mentioning to me about 2007 STAROBA weekend, 15 years ago. Isn’t it this year that we are suppose to be together?


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